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Project Management Processes - Auditing, Training and Optimization

  • In Depth Project Management Assessment

    Do you know that projects could be handle much more smoothly, but you don’t know what to change? This In Depth project management assessment identifies areas of strength and expertise, considers potential weaknesses and highlights opportunities for improvement within your organization or team.

    You get:

    • Project Management Assessment - An objective view of your organization’s current capacity to deliver projects
    • In-depth Report - a comprehensive picture of your organization’s project management strengths, weaknesses, barriers to project success, and more...
    • Action Plan for Improvement - custom written plan with recommendations to eliminate breakdowns
    • Private Strategy Session - 1-1 consulting session to help you implement your plan, dive deep into detailed feedback and help you prioritize and break it down.
    • Accountability Follow-up Session - stay on track or course correction session to make sure stay unstuck and move forward.

    Eliminating breakdowns means more profit for your business and less stress for you!

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  • Done For You! - PM Processes Design and Implementation

    Creating a new process or identifying gaps and upgrading old processes can be a painful and time-consuming task. Implementing a new process into your business can also be daunting. It can be difficult getting the team to change what they've been doing for ages. And frustrating when you introduce a new process, and the initiative falls flat on its face. This Done For You service takes the process creation off your plate and provides full support and training for implementation.

    You get:

    • The In-Depth Assessment - highlighting knowledge and processes gaps, organizational barriers to project success and corrective actions.
    • Detailed Implementation Plan - customer written plan with action steps and recommendations for process creation and implementation
    • Custom Written Processes - step by step, fully documented project management processes specifically tailored for your company and your needs
    • Implementation Support Sessions - bi-weekly strategy consulting sessions for managers to help you drive your process implementation initiative with your team
    • Training and Implementation Sessions - by-weekly group sessions for your team members to provide training on new processes and address barriers for implementation

    * Minimum Engagement - 3 months

    Having efficient process in place can help you to quickly grow and scale your operations!

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  • GliderPath Project Management Bootcamp

    GliderPath Project Management Bootcamp is Advanced Translation Project Management Training!

    Effective project management in a small business means reaching the project goals on time and within budget, despite having fewer resources than large organizations.

    Project management provides an excellent way to tweak, refine, and create more effective methods of doing things and saving both your time and money in the process.

    One of the major advantages of implementing project management is that it can help your business identify clear goals and the managerial actions necessary to get there.

    This 12-week intensive training experience is tailor-made for small business owners, entrepreneurs and project managers looking to reach a high level of proficiency in management skills to help your plan develop into a successful business.

    What will be included:

    • Exclusive Video Content
    • 1-1 Business Consulting
    • Live Group Training
    • Monthly Q&A sessions with GliderPath staff and guest experts
    • Private Interactive Forum
    • And a lot more!

    We run this boot camp twice a year. Make sure you sign up for our waiting list if you are interested!

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