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Every business requires optimization. It just does!

Each of these separately may not look like a lot, but when you are also trying to run your business and deliver top quality on time, it might get over your head.

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  • Project Management Processes - Auditing, Training and Optimization

    Do you need...

    • An objective insight that your in-house people can't provide at the moment?
    • Get the ball rolling with change implementation ASAP?
    • Bring your new hire up to speed?
    • Identify processes issues you know you have but can’t put the finger on?

    Here’s where we come in!

    We help you identify your processes needs, rethink your processes, identify areas for improvement and, where necessary, we can assist you with training and implementation.

    And, if you are getting ready to scale, we can also help you automate time sapping processes, so you can just focus on growing in a smart and sustainable way.

    Start here ➜ book a complimentary Project Management Assessment here. This complimentary assessment is a great opportunity identify breakdowns and start taking the steps you need to take to ensure you have the processes in place to most efficiently and effectively get work done.

    Let’s kickoff your projects for success!

  • Solution Development

    What are the tasks that are the most time consuming and frustrating to you in your business? What problems you need simplified?

    We are basically looking for problems that managers are having - so we can develop a software automation that would solve them!

    To do so, we follow the principle of minimum movement, maximum impact: we develop tailor-made solutions for your business and we help you implement those solutions from conception to roll-out, using an iterative development methodology that guarantees we will build only what matters and ship quickly.

    Let’s start solving your problems together!

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I contacted Romina to coach my team since she has vast experience on project management and a solid background on coaching and consultancy. When we started working together, she came back to me with a step-by-step plan and a questionnaire to have a better insight on what I needed from her. Based on my answers and a preliminary meeting she prepared a contract for development and proposed a coaching schedule. After a few sessions, the change was visible to everybody! But the most amazing part is that my team is now more efficient at work and, as a consequence, happier in life. And all thanks to Romina: she put her knowledge and experience but also her heart into the coaching process and that made all the difference. Belen Aused / Group Manager at Moravia IT Argentina

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Every business requires optimization. It just does!

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